"Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music" Sergei Rachmaninov

Cello, Piano or Organ Lessons


Beginner Lessons

This beginner level class is perfect for first-time musicians. Students will learn the basics of sitting and playing posture, music theory, and techniques to develop a good foundation for musical development.


Intermediate Class

The intermediate class builds off of the skills acquired in the beginner class. Students will continue working with their instrument and discover all three clefs and hand positions.


Advanced Class

The advanced class is for students who have been playing consistently for over 7 years and have achieved RCM level 8, 9, or 10. I provide guidance in artistry and how to make music beautiful using various techniques. 

Lessons Cover

RCM Examination

Go to the exams feeling ready to do your best. Offer coaching in ear training, improvisation & sight reading

Cello, Piano or Organ

Music can be played in so many ways, choose which one you'd like to explore or improve

Festival or Auditions

Feel prepared for upcoming events and overcome the stage nerves.

Theory and History

Learn the basics of music composition and discover the exciting history of music.

Classical or Popular

Choose the style of music you want to learn!

English or Korean

Learn in the language most comfortable for you. 

Student Testimonial

Hannah's Experience

“ As an adult trying to learn a new instrument, I am very blessed to have met Jenny. Between work and school, I couldn’t imagine how I could fit cello lessons in, but she has always been able to work with my schedule. From the beginning, Jenny has laid down a solid foundation for me to grow from, and continuously challenges me to set goals and play at my full potential. I look forward to every lesson and am always motivated to practice more when I get home! Jenny is not only a talented musician but a phenomenal teacher, and without her unwavering encouragement and dedication to me as a student, I would definitely not be playing at the level I am today. Thank you so much, Jenny! “

Please feel free to contact Hannah if you have any questions about her lesson experience at hmhermosa@gmail.com.

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Booking Lessons

We can get started with an initial assessment/ placement session and discuss your needs and interests! 

Jenny Cheong

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